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Domain names are used in all URL's to identify and take you to certain websites. All domains are made up of IP addresses so every web server needs a Domain Name Server (DNS) so they can translate into numerical addresses which your computer uses to find the website you're looking for.

Want to find out more about DNS? Check out our Domain Name Servers support article.

Depending on where and who your customer targets are, it is important to select the correct Top Level Domain (TLD). A TLD is what comes after the name of your domain so for example '.com, .co.uk etc'. A TLD is important because it determines the impact on search engine rankings. So if your business is based in the UK and you're selling to UK businesses/ customers, you will be better off having a .co.uk, .uk or .com TLD.

It's worth having multiple domains with similar spelling to the original domain name as an alias, so this means if someone was to misspell your domain name it will still take them to your website.

With MacMate you can have multiple domains, all manageable from within MacMate, register new domains, add email accounts - a single place for your site, domains and email.

So do you have your own domain name but not with us? you can add your domain name as an alias to your MacMate website. MacMate provides cheap, fast and reliable hosting for your site so why not go and register a new domain with us today?

It's quick and easy!

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1. Customers will find out about your business.
The main reason most/all businesses have websites is because people are more likely to find and learn about your business. Most people will do their research and find companies selling products they're interested in before they make a purchase. In this day and age people are more likely to find your business on the internet than in any other way.

2. 24/7 access to your products.
Having your own website means that customers will have 24/7 access to your products. What's more annoying than going through the effort to purchase an item from a business only to find out that it's closed? Here at MacMate we like make things as professional and as simple as we can for our customers. We also provide free web hosting for your website!

3. Credibility.
Websites also help your business to establish credibility. If your business doesn't have its own website then people may think that your business is not professional enough to make sales and once you have this sort of reputation you may struggle to gain more sales and your business will fail to grow.

4. The cost.
Some smaller companies wont have a website because they think it's too expensive. Well with MacMate's very own WebBuilder Live you can quickly build a website for FREE. As WebBuilder Live is an online webbuilder your website will be online as soon as you create it. You can also purchase our MacMate Classic or Pro package and you will gain more exciting features for your website. With MacMate's Pro package you can build your very own WordPress site within MacMate, with hundreds of security tested themes and plug ins.

5. Improves customer service.
Websites can include lots of useful information that may answer some of your customers questions. By including FAQ pages, uploading newsletters and even blog/support articles will keep your customers up to date with your business and its projects. At MacMate we pride ourselves on our customer service and with the useful feedback from customers we are able to make changes to MacMate to suit everyone.

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Creating your blogUsing MacMate's very own Web Builder Live is an easy way to create an online blog. We provide free hosting for your blog and you can also use WBL as a piece of free blogging software.

So whats the point of blogging?

Well... if you run a small business then chances are you're questioning whether to start blogging and is it worth the time and effort? The answer is YES! Blogging on a regular basis has no expenses and is a good way to attract and communicate with customers. Customers can give their feedback that can improve your business.

One of the most important things about blogs is that it acts as a valuable Sales and Marketing tool - and another way for customers to find you and buy your products/services and/or increase your profile. Google takes the relevant keywords, phrases and external links to and from the blog to get better rankings in search engines. Therefore it is easier for customers to find and learn about your business.

However if you're not interested in the business side of things and just want to document your life and share it with the world, here are a few reasons why you should also start your own blog.
First of all you will become a better writer, your creativity will increase and you will never have the fear of forgetting another memory again. You can find a new hobby through blogging and that can lead to bigger and better opportunities.

So want to know how to create a blog? Please visit our support article.

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How does email workSo what's so special about MacMate Email?

Here at MacMate we dare to think different.

eMail is something that's taken for granted just as much as breathing air and drinking water nowadays. But between your "send" button and someone else's "get mail" button there's a massive amount of work going on. Thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of actions are taken on your email in between sending and receiving.
When you send via MacMate's email system - which is housed in our MacAce Datacentres in London - is pretty straight forward.

It's checked for outgoing viruses - so scanned against the very latest list of hundreds of thousands of virus definitions (which are like snippets of fingerprints). It's then checked for against outgoing spam filters - about 300 in total on outbound. Mainly things like how many you've send in a particular time-frame to detect malware or bot-like activity.

From there it's pretty routine. The server is looking for the recipient's mail server via DNS lookup. Once found our servers contact the recipients server, first negotiating an encryption method to send the email. Our mail servers starts with the highest security level and works it way down until both are happy to talk the same language. So providing the recipient wants to talk in code - usually TLS or SSL2 - ours reciprocates. This ensures that the content of your email cannot be intercepted along the way. The email then gets sent and our server awaits confirmation that the other server is all happy and has definitely received it. Job done.

Now receiving email is a bit more complex from our mail servers point of view. It's fending off thousands of malicious activity every second and needs to ensure your inbound email is legitimate and secure. So once it;s determined that the email is okay to receive it passes though 2 sets of virus scanners (the same definitions, just two there in case one's down). The email content and headers are then run through some extremely sophisticated spam scanners where it's given a score as to the email "spaminess". Over 1200 different tests are performed on each an every email! Based on that score, your spam settings determine whether it's sent to your inbox, your spam held or even rejected. And if your settings are set to request a confirmation, then it sends a human-readable confirmation email whilst it sits in your Spam Held. Much of this happens within about 5 seconds.

Also the really special thing about our email is that we run two complete mail systems in datacentres 200 miles apart. These two systems are unique in that they operate at breakneck speeds but in perfect duo-synchrony - something most mail systems simple cannot handle because of these sheer number of files and requests it's dealing with. But ours has a method for keeping the two-brains working as one throughout.

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Why MacMate is so differentCloud Disk Versatility

Back in 2011 when we designed MacMate as a MobileMe and iDisk replacement, we wanted to ensure we added something we all wanted here - and our customers told us they wanted too: Versatility.

Cloud disks were really just starting out and many people had been using FTP and AFP with apps like Carbon Copy Cloner, Interachy and Goodsync for a while, and they did a good job of keeping a backup.

So we wanted to ensure that you didn't need a an application to use MacMate - it should mount on your desktop like a real disk. The fact that it was a cloud disk should be irrelevant (especially as broadband speeds start approaching speeds of Disks, USB and USB2). So it had to support Apple's native AFP file-sharing protocol.

But we also wanted to give users the versatility to use their MacMate cloud disk exactly how they wanted to - using the best method for whatever situation or software they were using. So we built our very own web-based File Manager, iOS App, WebDav server and added support for FTP and SFTP. We pretty much got all bases covered!

We're not saying getting all of those systems to work together on one storage platform was easy (thats why other companies tend to support just one or two!) - the conflicts and hurdles we had to cross were immense. But we perfected it to create what we think is the most versatile cloud disk out there: MacMate.

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The easiest way to backup...Time Machine Backup

We've been pondering for a while about the best way to backup to the cloud. We looked at lots of options, lots of other services out there. We needed something that did versioning, allowed you to select your whole disk or just some of your files. It had to be something that was one-click-setup.

What we realized is that the software is already built-in to every Mac - software that makes backup so easy, you don't even know that it's running: Time Machine.

Getting this to work over an Internet connection was the tricky part - and integrating it within MacMate. We spent over 18 months tinkering and perfecting a solution within the MacMate system to allow it to work. It has drawbacks - they all do - but for the most part, it does exactly what we wanted to achieve.

And the crazy thing? We actually used it on our test machines several times over our testing period to recover our disks - not as a test but because we'd broken our local backups in the testing phase and needed a quick restore. Yes, it took 14 hours to restore a disk, but it did save us starting again.
Job done. And now it's ready to be released.

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Sit back, Relax and Make it Easy...
Web Builder Live online webbuilder

Coming soon: our new, super-easy, super-powerful way to create the best looking sites you've ever seen.... live in your browser.

Building a website is changing forever. No more iWeb, no more complicated code, no more restrictions. Building a website should be as easy as going into your browser, clicking on a title and changing it, right? Clicking on an image and editing it, yes? Adding a gallery by just dragging some images into your site, would be cool? Changing the color and theme with a click? You getting it?

All from the same browser window you view the website....

(oh, and it's going to be free for every single MacMate customer)

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Fully Managed Wordpress coming soon...WordPress hosting

Wordpress support is something we've been working on for a while within MacMate's web hosting. Wordpress is great but it's also got some downsides - and those are what we're working on so that Wordpress hosting with MacMate is easier to manage, easier to maintain and a better experience than your regular Wordpress site hosting.

So what have we planned? Well, on top of clustering the Wordpress installation from the ground up to ensure super reliability, we're testing a whole raft of plugins and themes. Our take on Wordpress hosting is that you should have pre-approved, pre-tested themes and plugins on hand to install. You should have all the security concerns managed for you - whilst you get on with the job of adding great content.

Clustering? What's that I hear you ask... Essentially it's what the "cloud" is all about; using many servers, storage devices and networks in a resource pool. We use clusters to ensure that many servers and storage engines can all work together as one. This means there's much better redundancy which means better performance, better up time and, as a bonus, it makes keeping them up-to-date with security patches and updates a whole lot easier. For example, in this case the challenge is getting the databases that Wordpress relies upon to run on several machines all at once - each in perfect sync. It probably sounds a lot easier than it actually is! We get around this using some clever SQL clustering technology that we've adjusted to suit our needs perfectly.

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